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Ski-themed wine bar and restaurant opens in Tarporley

IT’S a family affair at the new ski-themed wine bar and restaurant in Tarporley.

James Hughes, 25, and his brother-in-law Paul Bebe, 31, have pooled their talents and opened up a restaurant on the village High Street.

James admits that the name for the venue, Piste, started off as a bit of joke but after much consideration they decided to go with it.

“We decided we wanted a rustic friendly feel to the restaurant, and so have gone for ski chalet-style inside because they always feel warm and friendly.”

When James was younger he had no intention of running a restaurant and went to university to study law.

“I soon realised law wasn’t really for me and that I much preferred working in the bars and restaurants, the money from which I had used to fund my studies.”

James worked his way up and realised he had a talent for running ‘front of house’ while Paul has been a chef for 16 years and had always dreamt of having his own restaurant.

“We had been looking for just the right place to open up our restaurant . So we were thrilled when we found this space in Tarporley.”

James said he hopes people will enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the modern European-style food they have to offer.

by Naomi Dunning, Chester Chronicle

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